bus 623 week 5 discussion 1 clifton strenghts

You will be using your CliftonStrengths results throughout your degree program, so save them someplace you can access easily. Be sure to upload your CliftonStrengths results into your Portfolium account and share the link to your Portfolium in your post.

Individual development plans are a great way to identify and achieve your personal career goals. These plans can also be used by managers to help employees identify and achieve their own personal career goals and growth. Based on your own career goals, job descriptions, weaknesses (opportunities), and CliftonStrengths Results, complete the attached Individual Development Plan.

For your initial post, attach your completed individual development plan (IDP) as well as

  • List your top five strengths from the CliftonStrengths Results assessment.
  • Identify two opportunities (weaknesses) revealed in your IDP and discuss why you selected these opportunities and how addressing them will help your career.
  • Discuss how your identified strengths will help you with the developmental activities listed on your IDP (use the Creating Strengths-Based Goals (Links to an external site.) article as a reference).
  • Explain why you selected these developmental goals. If applicable, provide the job descriptions you used.

*****My CliftonStrengths are Adaptabiility, Strategic, Responsibility, and Achiever.

Your initial response should be a minimum of 200 words.

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