business process management discussion 1

Topic: Launch Pad Phase

Now that the foundation has been set for the BPM project, it is time to launch. The Launch Pad phase is where the project is scoped, established, and launched.

According to your book, the first two results that should be expected from the Launch Pad phase will include:

  1. Definition of stakeholders involved or associated with the project.
  2. Stakeholder engagement and commitment, and documented and agreed upon expectations.

The first five steps in this phase are all about ensuring this is done properly. Even though the project team is engaged and working hard, it is possible to fail in a project when the stakeholders or executive management is not properly engaged. In fact, this is one of the most commonly cited reasons for failed projects and an often discussed cause for frustration for all involved.

For this Discussion topic, search for and discuss a news article or a case study in which a company has failed in a project due to lack of stakeholder engagement. Answer the following questions, copying the numbered format.

  1. Describe what the project/situation was.
  2. List who the stakeholders were.
  3. Describe why they were not properly engaged. What happened?
  4. Describe how this impacted the outcome of the project.
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