business process management journal

Based on the Reading, answer the following questions, with explanations (do not simply name concepts and move on):

1) Among the concepts you have learned, which do you think is most useful to you or your organization?

2) Which concept(s) caused the most confusion in this unit?

3) Which concept(s) did you wish went into further detail, either because you are interested or because it’s too complex for the coverage it received?

Submit in a Word document,

The Reading Topics were:

Chapter 1: In this chapter, you will read a brief history of business process management. While you complete this Reading, consider the hype cycle that has taken place between 1986 and the early 21st Century. Consider the relationship between perception and reality within the business environment.

Chapter 2: In this chapter, you will learn the basic definition of terms related to BPM.

Chapter 3: In this chapter, you will learn why it is important to improve business processes prior to automating them.

Chapter 4: In this chapter, you will learn some of the drivers and triggers for doing a BPM project.

Chapter 11: In this chapter, you will study an overview of the BPM framework. The BPM project framework will help you maintain focus on the model during this course.

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