business report of statistics 1

The purpose of this business report is to permit you to show what you have learned in the course about statistics, in particular what you have learned about correlation and regression, and what should be included in a practical business report using statistical analyses.

Students must submit a concise business report for which they should:

Utilize appropriate statistical analyses of the sample data provided

Interpret the results in the context of a business situation

Discuss the statistical results in the context of the business situation

Discuss any problems or shortcomings with the way the study was conducted (if any)

If necessary, describe methods of improving the study

A problem business context, data, and questions will be provided for this report. Students will be required to analyze the data provided using Excel — correlation and regression (though some students may also use other types of statistical analyses such as confidence intervals or other descriptive statistics that might also be valuable to conduct given the problem situation).

The business report is strictly limited to a maximum of 3 pages, 12-point, Double-spaced, Times Roman (not including title page, graphs, tables, references, or appendices). Criteria for evaluation will include appropriateness and correctness of analyses; quality and thoroughness of analyses; quality of organization and writing; clarity and correctness of interpretation; professional quality of job performed.

I will provide the details and examples of the report, please refer to it. thank you.

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