can we talk about family case discussion

Case Discussion Process

1. Identify the Actors (Family and School) and their Roles

2. Identify the settings/environments (contexts where case takes place; systems within the

ecological model)

3. The group can now begin to discuss and share examples in the following areas. Questions for

discussion follow on the next page.

*Child and Family Stressors

*Teacher Concerns (Keon’s needs, home-school communication, etc.?)

*Child and Family Strengths

*Interventions needed

Case Questions:

. Given Keon’s emotional responses and his classroom behaviors, what should Latoya

Roberts know about Keon’s home life in order to better support his social and emotional


. What are the issues that Latoya faces as she learns details from Keon about his family?

. How might Latoya ask about family circumstances in terms of how these may relate to

classroom needs while still respecting confidentiality?

. How do Keon’s needs and disclosures influence the teacher-child relationship?

. What role does Latoya hold in Keon’s life? How might her role differ if Keon were older

or younger?

. How might family structure impact family involvement practices in the school?

. What risks does Latoya face by opening up to other teachers about her questions and

concerns? How can she seek advice from teachers and other school personnel, given their

different views about involvement in family life?

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