career interests paper in human services

Career Interest Paper Career Paper Guidelines

You will write many papers throughout your degree program. APA formatting is required for all Human Services paper. You must include a title page and reference page for each paper. Remember to include a citation for each reference. Each paper must also have an introduction and summary.

This assignment has five required components. Specific guidelines are offered in the assignment description for each required section.

Title page


Which population would you like to serve as a Human Services worker?

Note: You have learned about various populations during this course (children, adults, older adults). Select a population and discuss why you would like to work in this population. Discuss the setting that you would prefer (school, community based, residential, etc).

Which population interests you the least?

It’s important to explore this question. It will help you critically evaluate the profession and your strengths and growth areas.

Knowledge, values, and skills

Throughout this course, you have learned about Human Services principles. What are your strengths and growth areas? How will you work to improve your growth areas to become an effective Human Services professional?

Social welfare programs

In chapter 1, you learned about social welfare benefits. The United States utilizes the residual philosophy, meaning that Americans (in general) believe that only those who are most deserving should receive benefits. As a result, there is an established system of eligibility requirements for most social services. Discuss how social welfare programs have helped your chosen population.

Community organizing

In chapter 7, you learned about the strategies of intervention with communities and organizations. In this section, offer a concise summary on how community organizing can facilitate social change.


Reference page

Utilize the course reference and two scholarly journals for references.

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