case study 1 45

Directions: Read Chapter 7: How Dare He Try To Manage Our Talk by Drs. Ryan S. Bisel and Amber S. Messersmith (pp. 53-56) in Case Studies for Organizational Communication (see in the Case Study #1 folder), and then respond the following prompts/questions.


  • After reading about the organization in the above case study, identify and describe three characteristics of the organization according to Chapter 1 of your textbook (i.e., the roles, rules, hierarchy, culture, etc.) and how they affected the communication within the organization discussed in the case study. (6 points)
  • Identify and describe at least six of the components of the communication process (Chapter 2) as you see them illustrated in one or more of the communication interactions described in the case study. (12 points)
  • Describe to the best of your ability the climate (Chapter 5) of the organization discussed in the case study.Identify and briefly explain any barriers to effective communication in the organization described in the case study.If you perceive the climate to be a barrier, it is fine to discuss climate in this portion of your response as well as the first part of the prompt.If you do not perceive there to be any barriers to effective communication in the case study, please adequately defend your response. (7 points)
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