city council paper need watch video 1

watch part of city council meeting :

Write a three-page report, double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, on your experience and observations and analysis. A full page is 23 lines long, and does not include four lines with the name of the student, professor, date, title to make it longer. Despite what APA tells you, please don’t do a title page. A three-page paper is required, and 25 points off if it’s too short by one page, and up to 100-points off if short by two pages.

Please don’t name all 10 council members who are there. That’s a space waster, and loses you 15 points. You can tell me how they voted, but don’t just name them elsewhere in the paper.

You will write on things that happen at the meeting. Select one agenda item that causes discussion during the council meeting and take notes on which council members speak and what position they take on the issue. Was there public testimony or comment on the topic? Was there an obvious stakeholder group participating (e.g., Friends of the Library, a neighborhood association)? Did the public or stakeholder testimony seem to influence the Council members?

Select an action item on the agenda that generated discussion (not consent, not committee reports, not proclamations given to local groups) and write about it as follows, using the observations from the meeting and staff report obtained from the city clerk’s website or the city clerk’s office. Review both before you attend to be familiar with the topics at hand. See if the Mercury News has an article or editorial about any of the topics before or after the meeting.

If there is nothing that generates discussion, find some item to write about to answer these questions..

  1. Introduction—every paper will answer these questions. So please include:
  1. How many councilmembers were present? You don’t have to name them! Who else was on the dais?
  2. About how many people were in the audience?
  3. How long did the meeting last?
  4. How many items on the agenda generated discussion?
  5. How many items on the agenda were passed with little or no discussion (not counting consent)?
  1. Analysis of the item. You get to choose the item here, so papers will differ here. Make sure this is a minimum of a full page on your paper, and show the reader where it starts with a number 2 clearly marked on your paper. Please mark this as“Analysis Section” for full credit. If this isn’t done, I will take off 5 points.

  1. Name and number of the item
  2. Who sponsored the item? A city department, councilmember, stakeholder group? (see staff report). You might have to make an educated guess here.
  3. What was the discussion of the item focused on?
  4. What stakeholders spoke about the item?
  5. Did the public testimony appear to influence the council?
  6. Was there newspaper coverage of the item before the council meeting, or an editorial on the item?
  7. Which councilmembers spoke about the item and what positions did they take?
  8. Was the proposed staff recommendation accepted? Were there any amendments?
  9. How much will it cost?
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