Coding 18867797

Chapter 5 Application Exercise 2 

  • Locate the website for Delta Dental
  • Search the website for information on the most recent CDT code changes
  • Document your findings, including a summary of the changes, along with a description of a new, revised, and deleted code

Chapter 6 Application Exercises 1 and 2

  1. Using MEDLINE ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.), find an article that addresses the content coverage of SNOMED CT. 
    • Write a paragraph or two in response to the question: Is the content of SNOMED CT sufficient to represent all the information in a person’s health record? 
  2. Survey healthcare organizations in your area. 
    • Answer the following questions: Do they have electronic health record systems, or are they in EHR development and implementation? Is SNOMED CT included in their existing EHR or EHR plans? Why or why not? 

Assignment Guidelines

  • You have the choice to write a two-page paper, double spaced, or create a multimedia presentation to respond to the exercises
  • Clearly label your response to each exercise in your submissio
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