Comment and then discuss whether the podcast creator Taberski invaded Simmon's privacy, and whether there was value in the podcast.


Utilizing the concepts Discussed in Chapter 5 such as, privacy, secrecy, right to know, need to know,  and want to know. Comment and then discuss whether the podcast creator Taberski invaded Simmon’s privacy, and whether there was  value in the podcast. 

One paragraph and  will upload the pdf and its one page 99 – 100  Case Study 5-D




 Four sentences each

1. Yes, Taberski invaded Simmon’s privacy. Learning more and more about Dan Taberski and his podcast, the more and more uncomfortable I get. Yes, Richard Simmons was a public figure for so long and then all of a sudden vanishes, is pretty strange. A lot of people would want to know why but it goes back to the question do we need to know? No, no one is obligated to talk about their personal lives. If it was a case where there was suspicion of Simmons being in danger or being hurt, let law enforcement take care of that. It isn’t reasonable for just someone to invade the privacy of another human being for, in my opinion, their own personal exposure gain. There was not any moral value in the podcast and quite frankly, Dan Taberski should be ashamed.

2. Taberski in my opinion, invaded Simmon’s privacy. Simmons was a celebrity for more than 30 decades, obviously if he wanted a more private life that means he wants to live in a quieter life style. Taberski invaded Simmons’ life so many times, asking for interview after interview and Simmons turned it down every-time. You would think Taberski would catch a hint but he eventually realized that Richard Simmons’ was serious about not being a celebrity anymore. It shows that Taberski had no respect for anyone but himself cause he couldn’t take no as an answer until he obviously knew Richard wasn’t going to come on the show. I’m sure there was some value in the podcast since it was making $50,000 per podcast but Taberski should have been more respectful when it came to Simmon’s wishes and privacy.

3. Taberski never invaded Simmon’s privacy because Simmons knew that Taberski was going to want him to do interview after interview. There is no such thing as privacy with being a celebrity because a celebrity is being exposed 24/7 to the media and fans

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