communication management mgt421

Purpose of the Assignment-

Students will practice business writing and communication Skills.

Assignment Question(s):(Marks 5)

This assignment is a continuation to assignment 1:

Q1. After celebrating 25th school foundation day, write a newsletter to publish a success story of the event in the Local Newspaper and Television News Channel.(2.5 grades)

  • Your draft of success story of the event is brief covering all aspects of the event. (200-300 words).
  • To complete this task, you can rely on your earlier submission and add additional imaginative activities and description of the event. This is a hypothetical scenario to allow to you practice business communication.
  • Our university successfully hosted these types of events, you may get some idea from the university website.
  • You may generate requirements for each position by yourself, at least you have to include at least five requirements expected from your applicants for each position
  • Similar to part A, you need to create an announcement to be published in websites. These will most likely be shorter and to the point.

Q2. Your school need additional teaching & non-teaching staff for a new upcoming academic year:

(2.5 Marks)

  • You have to Prepare a short advertisement for required positions to published in Local News Paper approx. 250 words(1.25 marks).
  • Draft an Advertisement for required post, publishing in JOB Hunting website. 150 words

(1.25 marks)

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