complete short essay outline for english course regional tech


Persuasive Essay Prompt (Outline Only):

Think of an improvement that can be made to your school. Write an essay presenting your idea to your classmates. The thesis statement of your essay must clearly identify the improvement you think should be made. You will support your idea throughout the body of the essay. For this assignment, you should rely on your own observations and knowledge of the subject as support. You will not use outside sources.

Note: Do not write an essay for this discussion. You will only write an outline.

Revising Checklist:


  • Does the title “hook” the reader’s attention?
  • Could the title be improved in any way?

Thesis Statement

  • Does the thesis statement convey the essay’s controlling idea?
  • Could the thesis be improved. If so, how?

Main Ideas

  • Do all the main ideas support the thesis statement?
  • Are the main ideas in a logical order? Should any be rearranged?
  • Should any main ideas be included or removed?

Minor Ideas

  • Are there at least three minor ideas for each main idea?
    • Should any details be removed or rearranged?
  • Are there enough details to explain the minor and main ideas fully?
    • What details should be added?
  • Do any of the minor ideas address opposing points of view?
    • If not, what opposing views could be address and how?


  • Does the conclusion bring closure?
  • Does it leave the reader with something to think about?
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