Compose A 1500 Words Essay On Global Trends In Corporate Power Needs To Be Plagi

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However, the 1970s experienced a failure of the Keynesian economic policies to address unemployment and inflation issues. Conservative politicians fought for the growth of large corporations by faulting the enforcement of anti-trust laws and lowering tax rates on corporations.The fall of the Eastern Bloc nations and the Soviet Union near the end of the twentieth century also gave room for the spread of free-market capitalism. Capitalism played a crucial role in enhancing quick expansion of large American corporations such as Coke, McDonald’s, and Levis into new markets that had been dominated by Communist countries. International agreements on free trade and privatization are fueling the removal of trade barriers. Corporations are now riding on preferential treatment by nations. Their impacts on people‚Äôs welfare are felt from Wall Street to the poorest country on the globe.Global distribution of Multinational Corporations (MNC) suggests the vast influence of corporate power. The United Nations reported that there were approximately 75000 MNCs operating globally in 2005. The developed industrial economies boast of being the mother countries of about three-quarters of the MNCs. Denmark is a home to 12% of the total MNCs, followed by South Korea. Germany follows with 8%, then Japan (7%), China (5%) and lastly U.S. (3%). India and Brazil are the leading developing countries that home a significant number of MNCs. However, a greater share of the geographic distribution of only the very largest corporations is in U.S. and Japan.

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