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The school he attends has programs that allow the children who are of the same age to play together and avails toys for them to play with. They have several play sessions both indoors and outdoors so that they can be able to explore and develop in a wholesome manner. The different sessions in their daily routine are also punctuated by breaks that allow them to feed on snacks as well as have a chance to visit the bathroom. This breaks are scheduled in a regular manner so that the children are not engaged in a particularly activity for too long to make them lose their interest in it.

Garvin is four years old and has dark soft hair with round eyes and a pale complexion. He seems like a social and outgoing boy who is not shy compared to the other children who are in his class. At the beginning of the observation, Garvin is standing next to a desk in class together with three other children while some tubs of blocks are on the table before them.

Garvin carefully looks at the girl next to him as he stretches forward and picks a block from the table. He moves to the side of the table where the block is nearest to the edge and picks it before the girl could pick it and goes round the table to the spot where he was initially standing. This shows the development of a gender schema which can be said to be a cognitive framework that allows the organization of information that is relevant to gender therefore making children come up with rules concerning what is appropriate for girls and boys (Feldman 252). He starts rolling the block from one side of the table to the other and stretches to clear the items that were on the table so that he can show the rest of the children what he was doing. He continues doing this while making sure that they children who are with him at the table see what he is doing. Soon he moves around the room to find a different toy to play with and leaves the blocks for the children who were with him at the

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