Compose A 1500 Words Essay On Server Deployment Proposal Needs To Be Plagiarism

Compose a 1500 words essay on Server Deployment Proposal. Needs to be plagiarism free!

This is because Server 2008 is flexible, secure and has a scalable server management. It gives a consistent user experience including that of mobile workers. It also gives an opportunity to consolidate multiple servers onto fewer physical computers, as well as third party applications (Smyth 105).

The two servers in Tucson and Phoenix will be installed with server 2008R. The configuration will include DNS, DHCP, AD DS, Security policy, Backup and recovery and continuity plan. The acquisition of two 64-bit machines should be done since windows server 2008R2 can only run on this platform.

To allow smooth migration from window server 2003 to windows server 2008, the applications and hardware must remain operational throughout the migration process. This will enable the organization to maintain computer system uptime during the entire process. It will further enable the IT department to continue meet the requirements of both users and the organization at large.

Some of things to be considered during the migration process include what plan exists at present for hardware replacement. What are the current hardware maintenance supports? What opportunities are there for consolidation of server through virtualization?

In the deployment of windows server 2008R2, the implementation team will follow Microsoft Operation framework (MOF) that is based on IT infrastructure Library (ITIL) standard in order to ensure that they achieve a successful deployment of windows server 2008R2.

There is a need to acquire two new 64-bit server because windows server 2008R2 only runs on 64bit to replace the current domain controllers. The servers, however, should support virtualization. Thus a x64 CPU, AMD-V or (AMD) VT (Intel) hardware extensions, No eXecute (NX)/eXecute Disable (XD), and full BIOS support for hardware virtualization. Although one server (virtualized and running enterprise edition) could suffice for redundancy, two will be ideal (Technet).

Active directory Domain

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