Compose A 2250 Words Essay On Analytical Report Of A Case Study Operation Manage

Compose a 2250 words essay on Analytical report of a case study-Operation Management. Needs to be plagiarism free!

rt has successfully come up with suggestions as to how Grandiose must streamline its operations in order to minimise the requirement of disposable funds and at the time optimise the available space. Tenets of inventory management have been cited throughout the report in order to reinforce the recommendations. It has been suggested that Grandiose should undertake an extensive consumer research in order to envision the demands that it may face in the near future and hence plan its inventory accordingly. Simultaneously, it should also create long lasting associations with the automobile manufacturers and make use of the fact that manufacturers are enhancing their participation in supply chain relationships with dealers and customers.

Grandiose Motors have turned a new leaf in its corporate history by becoming an auto supermarket wherein it will sell multiple brands of automobiles at the same location. The new dealership will be selling a line of Nissans, Toyotas and Volkswagens – premium cars that have been luring customers for years. However, it has been observed that the company is strained by woes pertaining mostly to operational constraints such as deployable funds, space and seasonality of purchase items. Based on a case study that describes the operations management at Grandiose, this report will aim at recommending to its CEO, Mr. Felix Fabulous the structural aspects that will help in bettering the purchasing as well as inventory functions in the context of the company’s dealership network. The report will also make attempts to outline the differences that may arise between policies and procedures pertaining to purchasing as well as inventory management. This area is found to be vital because automobile dealers characteristically purchase different types of materials and service parts. Finally, the report will try to throw light upon the areas of inventory management and supply chain management to evaluate how these may reduce the investment as well as

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