Compose A 2250 Words Essay On Code Switching Project Needs To Be Plagiarism Free

Compose a 2250 words essay on Code switching project. Needs to be plagiarism free!

3). In this view, the determination of the social motivations for a language alternation becomes important. This paper looks at the social motivations for code switching I terms of the various applications in social, discourse and identity expression situations. This follows an interview analysis that seeks to determine the patterns for code switching, as well as the attitudes evident from such changes.

According to Buchholtz and Hall (2005), socio-cultural linguistics arises as an important subject that looks at the broad interdisciplinary area involving the integration of culture, society and language (Nilep 2006, p. 3). The utilization of code switching arises as a key determinant of bilingual and multilingual speakers. The availability of language resources including the knowledge of two or more languages enables different individuals to depict instances of language alternations. Code switching refers to the application of two or more languages between various speakers during a given speech or conversation (Lowi 2005, p. 1). In this case, the concept stands to be essential in such practices involving bilingual or multilingual speakers. This translates to the utilization of code switching as a means for conversation, and as an approach towards the establishment, maintenance and description of existing boundaries due to ethnicity (Fong 2011, p. 23). Additionally, the idea arises as an important tool for symbolizing relevant features of background in speakers. This provides multilingual speakers with an opportunity of expressing their own identities, thus, becoming an effective social process (Lowi 2005, p. 1).

In providing for a social context, code switching allows individuals to explore their identities and ethnic backgrounds. This arises due to the various communicative functions depicted with the utilization of code switching (Shin 2010, p.94). The use of code switching becomes essential in ensuring that communication between two or more

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