conclusion poll which theory was your favorite

Conclusion Poll: Which Theory was your favorite?

In the last several weeks we went over hundreds of theories. I imagine some theories you strongly agreed with, others; well you rolled you eyes and laughed! I often teach criminology inseat with traditional and undergraduate students and at the end of the course, I ask them this general question… which theory was your favorite?

Our class is different…you and your peers are experienced professionals and deal with criminals on a daily basis – a fact not necessarily true for my traditional undergraduates. I am curious to see your results.

To do this, I ask you to pick your favorite theory and use it to explain any crime or deviant act. For example, I enjoy Sociobiology theory (E.O. Wilson’s tribalism, hunters, gatherers, etc..) so my post would be…

I address the misdeeds of criminal gangs. Wilson would simply explain them as a contemporary version of a hunter group. They rove about collecting and taking scarce resources and bring these resources back to their “tribes”. They fight over territory (or hunting grounds), etc… Then I would throw in an application. They need to be a part of a hunter group is found in young males. I could harness this biological predisposition by having young juveniles join a Police Athletic League. A sports team has the similar characteristics of the ancient Hunter group…

Well you get the idea! Have fun with this one.

Discussions: Expected word count in Initial post is 350 words. I expect perfect APA technique. The minimum requirement is three (3) scholarly sources with at least one (1) source a peer reviewed article published in the last 7 years.

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