conflict resolution 48

Assignment: Creating Team Cohesion

Diversity of a group makes interactions more complex and impacts the results of the group’s interactions. In this scenario you read about a diverse group’s interactions and apply conflict resolution strategies to enhance the team’s cohesion and collaboration.


Sara (from Bon, Germany office)

Tai (from the Montreal, Canada office)

Peter (Minneapolis office)

Scenario: The Meeting takes place in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Vice President (V. P.) of the Consulting Division (Seth) convened a small team of three to decide how the new consulting staff to be hired for the new divisional offices in Puerto Rico will be trained. This small team will meet virtually using conferencing software since the three team members are in separate locations. They are to decide the process and steps involved in the training for finalized submission to executive management in two weeks’ time.

V. P. at the initial meeting before departing:

“I leave this self-managed team in charge of providing me with succinct recommendations for the process and steps to be used in the training of this new division of employees. I look forward to the results in a presentation in two weeks by noon Central Time.”

Upon the V.P.’s departure the following conversation between the three team members takes place:

Sara starts: Well all, can we agree that we are going to do a PowerPoint presentation and just brainstorm the process first?

Peter: Well, shouldn’t we address who will be in this training first?

Tai: Can we just introduce ourselves first? I am not too clear on who you all are and why I am here.

Peter: That’s a good point. Let’s introduce ourselves.

Sara: I am a Human Resource Benefits Manager.

Peter: Thanks Sara, and you Tai?

Tai: I am a Consulting Services Manager for the Northwestern region of the U.S. and Canada.

Peter: Nice to have you Tai. I am one of three the North American Customer Service Division Managers.

Sara: Can we share a screen to see what our agenda is?

Peter sheepishly: Right, I should have sent this out earlier but there was too little time.

Sara: If you want I would be glad to come up with the training process and send it to you all.

Tai: I am really pressed for time; that sounds like a plan.

Peter: Hold on guys, I think we need to take this one step at a time.

Sara: Well that sounds nice, but I don’t think we really have time for that.

Peter realizes that things have started off badly and he wonders what went wrong.


  • Explain the team’s problems in terms of their interactions evidenced in the scenario.
  • Then provide the conflict resolution steps and strategies to address the problems.
  • Explain how the conflict resolution strategies you suggest will improve group cohesion and collaboration.
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