Consider A T Iariant Of The Nina Game Called Stones Suppose That Initially There

This is a game Theory problem. Answers please show me your thinking process.

3. Consider a T.Iariant of the Nina game called “Stones”. Suppose that initially there isa single pile of 5 stones and two players, I and II. Each player takes turns pickingup either 1 or 2 stones from the pile. Player I moves firstJ then Player II, thenPlayer I, etc. until all stones have been picked up. a. Assuming that the loser is the player who picks up the last stone, write thegame of Stones out in extensive (game-tree] form labeling strategies in terms of remaining stones (as in the Nim game discussed in class). He sureto assign payoffs to the terminal nodes. 1). 1Who has a wimring strategy, Player I or Player I] and what is it? Explain. c. Redo parts a-h under the assumption that the winner is the player whopicks up the last stone.

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