consumer behavior question 2

Find advertisements that illustrate each of the four motivational functions of attitudes. Distinguish between ads that are designed to reinforce an existing attitude and those aimed at changing an attitude.

1. The ad for the utilitarian function should stress the product’s usage-related benefits (e.g., durable shoes).

2. The ego defensive function should reinforce the consumer’s self-concept and protect it from feelings of doubt (e.g., personal care products which offer the consumer reassurance and the likelihood of approval by others).

3. The value-expression function shows how the product is consistent with the person’s values and lifestyles (e.g., advertising a fine, expensive fountain pen as an instrument of self-expression).

4. An ad using the knowledge function should indicate the brand’s advantages over competitive brands (e.g., a bar graph showing the comparative levels of saturated fat in several brands of butter).


• This is an individual assignment

• Each Student need to submit a report and PPT with self-explanation

• Use common cover page

1. Report – 10 Marks

i. Content of the topic – 6 marks

ii. Supported with suitable examples – 3 marks

iii. The Report should be properly formatted

(Justify the text, Use Font: Times New Roman, Font Size 12, and Line Spacing: 1.5)

iv. Write the References in APA Format -1 mark

v. Check Plagiarism. Plagiarized work will not be accepted.

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