consumer behavior travel around europe

Write about “Travel around Europe” and I uploaded the idea for this essay topic inside word file named “Travel around Europe Idea”.

Your essay will include the following:

1. An analysis of the decision-making process of a potential E-consumer in relation to a

holiday package.

2. An analysis of the factors affecting the E-consumer decision-making process.

3. Discussion of the current regional or global trends that influence the consumer decision to select a particular tourist package.


The assignment must not be descriptive. It must be a precise narrative of “The purchase decision-making process of a holiday package by a potential E-consumer”. This assignment should be supported with the relevant academic literature.

*** Words count = 2500 words.

*** In-Text References and Citations using Harvard style. (10 References minimum)

*** Attachment has been uploaded named “Travel around Europe Idea”.

*** I’ve uploaded file named “Consumer Behavior format” for more details.

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