Proposal For Your Final Paper

You may already know about a product, brand or service that you want to know more about. But don’t just think about it. Do exploratory research to help you solidify your choice of the product, brand or service you want to focus on. Choose a product, brand or service that interests you – even one you may little about, but want to know more. 

The name of your product, brand or service, why you plan to research this product, brand or service, and how doing so might impact what you currently do for work, what you plan to do for work in the future, or what you may imagine yourself doing if working in an organization of your choice. In your proposal, include 3-4 resources you found  on database. 

I have attached what needs to be done in the final paper for reference. BUT THIS IS NOT THE FINAL PAPER, IT IS A PROPOSAL OF THE FINAL PAPER.

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