consumer profiling as marketer and as consumer reflective paper

You will consider consumer profiling and the influence of macroeconomic trends from the perspective of a strategic marketer. The future of marketing is about making predictions and understanding how consumers may react to developments in the external environment. For example, a political change may have a social, economic and cultural impact and this will be reflected in the changing behaviour of consumers. This week is about understanding how all elements of marketing are linked and reflecting on how those links change your own and others’ consumer profiles. 1500-2000 words, as follows:

  • Introduction ‘My Consumer Profile’ (approximately 300 words) – This should be a brief overview of your consumer profile: Provide a summary evaluation of your personal consumer profile. Identify three major influences on your current purchasing behaviour and discuss how this may change in the future.
  • Impact of a macro-economic trend on consumer profiles ALREADY COMPLETED (approximately 700 words)
  • Consumer profiling critical reflection (approximately 700 words) – Consider how you may be profiled by a strategic marketer and how this is different to your own personal evaluation. Reflect on the advantages and limitations of profiling
  • Reflection on peer engagement (approximately 300 words) – Contemplate how your own reflection and engaging with peers has helped you to understand consumer behaviour in more detail and how this might be reflected in your future marketing practices.

Will be submitted via Turnitin, Harvard Style Referencing required

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