coping with disruptive innovation

After reviewing the textbook chapters for this unit and watching the videos by Professor Christensen, research the strategies employed by Microsoft and Google in the enterprise productivity software market (Office vs Google Docs). Create a forum posting that discusses the relationship of these two companies in this market using Professor Christensen’s concepts of Value Networks and Disruptive Innovation. How was Microsoft’s response different than that of the Yahoo! response to the idea of the mobile market?

*Remember – Simply telling me what went on is not what’s interesting. Analyze the company responses in terms of this framework.

As a minimum (85%), your posting should include:

An explanation of the Value Network model.

Explanation of why companies would fail to recognize and react to potentially disruptive innovations.

An explanation of Microsoft’s reaction to Google Apps that employs the concepts the disruptive technology/value network concept.

An explanation of the differences between Microsoft’s and Yahoo’s reactions. Does Asymmetry of Motivation play a role in understanding the difference?

Citations for resources used in your answer (Citations should be in APA format)


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