corporate profile for target corp


Apa style, 12 font size, times new roman

4-5 pages.

Corporate Profile Module IV:

You are to include three independent articles in this section.

1. Discuss the marketing concept and why it is important to a business. What factors in the external environment affect your company? (Consider economic conditions, the natural environment, social and cultural trends, laws and regulations, and technology)

2. Who constitutes your company’s target market?

3. Apply the four Ps to your corporation. How is your corporation competing in the current economy?

4. How would you improve upon your company’s marketing strategy using what you have learned?

5. Conclude with how you think the company is positioned for the future.

Overall: Your paper should be a combination of material from the company itself (website is one source), other business references (Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, Business Source Premier, Fortune Magazine, Forbes, Hoovers, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, etc.), the textbook, and your own interpretation of the topic.

* it only needs to answer all the questions by providing all the information that needed for the assignment.

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