course intro amp discussion food systems and the environment

Course Intro & Discussion: Food Systems and the Environment

Darby Price

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Before you begin this assignment, make sure you’ve read the Syllabus all the way through. It contains important information not just about our theme, but about the expectations and assignments in this course. E-mail me if you have any questions!

Then, please make sure you’ve watched the Welcome Video, which is also on the Week 1 Module (this will be available Tuesday morning!)

Finally, you will follow the link here.Links to an external site. Watch the two videos on the page, and if you haven’t already, make sure that you follow the instructions to download the UCI software VPN. The videos are a great introduction to the Library and its resources, including the Research Guides that are 39C-specific (you might guess this, but Environment & Ecology will be our best Research Guide for this class).

(Quick note: the first video on the Library page that I link to above wasn’t working earlier; if the issue persists, you can also watch it here (Links to an external site.).)

When you have finished all of that good intro-to-the-course stuff, you will take a few moments to try to wrap your brain around our course theme, Food Systems and the Environment. We’ll be taking a much, much closer look at questions of how we produce, move, and manage our food over the next ten weeks, but this discussion post will allow us to start the conversation, get some good ideas, and get to know each other a little bit!

First, you will choose one of the following categories: Production, Transportation, Consumption, or Post-Consumption. Then, on a sheet of paper or in a Word doc, you will brainstorm, doing some light Googling as necessary: what are some of the specific actions or other descriptors that come to mind when you think of this category as it relates to food? What does transportation of food look like? What does “post-consumption” mean in practice? (Hint: it doesn’t always have to be about the *food itself.*) Aim to create a list of at least 15-20 different things, getting as specific as you possibly can. (Ex: for “production,” you might begin with something like “growing soybeans” or “raising free-range chickens,” etc.)

When you’re done, you will write a very brief (~100-300 words) reflection about your list. What, if anything, surprised you? What had you not thought much about before doing this? What, if anything, do you already know a lot about? What, if anything, is especially interesting–anything you might want to know more about?

Post your List and Reflection (click “Reply” to do so.) Then, please find ONE peer with a list that’s markedly different from yours (preferably someone who does not yet have any responses to their post), and respond to them briefly: what’s on their list that you hadn’t thought about, or that you know something about already? What could you add to the list–what does looking at their work make you think of that isn’t already there? Say hi, of course, and please be specific!

Your original Post and your Response will both be due at 11:59pm, so please give yourself ample time to complete this.

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