Create A 2 Page Essay Paper That Discusses William Sanoma However As The Case Re

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses William-Sanoma.

However, as the case reflects the thoughts of Connolly, the executive vice president of the company, had to face challenges when he realized the importance of e-commerce being a major part of the company’s operations. In spite of the resistances, he kept his focus on the implementation of effective e-commerce facilities and was ultimately successful in creating an internet team with intensions to bring all the products of the company online to their customers. This implies the growing understanding of the uses of the internet facilities that Connolly and was determined to incorporate in the business (“E-commerce at Williams-Sonoma”).

Michel Dunn too accepted the challenges in the context of building up the operational plans for the acceptance and implementation of the internet system implying the efforts undertaken towards integrating the different functional areas into coordination with the internet system. Participation was required by all the members that were focused by Connolly and Dunn. Thus, several websites addressing the needs of the customers started being initiated by the company that gradually took a significant position in the company’s management system (“E-commerce at Williams-Sonoma”). E-commerce is not only useful in online buying and selling but it also provides access to larger markets globally with lesser expenses and reaching out to large target market in much lesser time as well (Rainer & Cegielski, 206).

The company has successfully recognized the internet as being one of the most effective means of communication in the present world (Tapscott, 4). Nandkeolyar, the Vice President of the e-commerce, taking initiatives in the company’s incorporation of the internet technology has reflected further challenges on the part of the technology on which the entire processes of e-business had to be dependent. The design needed to be focused on the products that the

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