Create A 2 Page Essay Paper That Discusses Write A 2 Page Review Addressing Comp

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Write a 2-page review addressing components and systems operations of turbine engines.

A turbine/combustion engine is a type of engine that extracts energy from a moving fluid jet and converts it to useful work. Turbine engines have been continuously improved in robustness and mechanical functionality over the last two decades (Mattingly, 1996).

It has at least one moving part, a rotor that has a drum that has blades attached to it. The moving fluid acts upon the rotor blades such that they gain rotational energy and are set in rotary cycles. The earliest uses of such engines were in water mills and windmills. Although most modern components of a modern turbine engine were missing in the traditional prototypes, the mechanism of operation has remained closely similar to the traditional turbines (Treager, 1979).

There have several major enhancements to the manner in which turbine engines operate with each modification being targeted toward a particular mechanical vehicle. All turbine engines have a set of specific components.

The engine consists of the following parts: inlet, fan, compressor, combustor and nozzle,&nbsp.combustors, compressor stators, shaft and ducts. For a turbine engine to be activated, there needs to be a form or fluid such as water, steam or gas. The rotor blades require having a casing round them to control the fluid jet. The inlet is located in the front part of the engine. At the rear end of the engine is a compressor which acts to increase the pressure of the gas through a small area. The compressor is connected solidly to the entire engine. The shaft is centrally located in the engine has many rows of blades called rotors. A burner is located between the compressor and the path of fluid flow (Mattingly, 1996).

The fluid has both potential and kinetic energy. There are primarily two modes of operation for turbine engines: impulse based operation and reaction based operation. Many modern turbine

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