Create A 3 Page Essay Paper That Discusses Case Study Change Mangement In Qantas

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Case study: Change mangement in Qantas.


Change in Character of Organization refers to fundamental change in the major aspects of organization’s system. It includes change in patterns with which organization related to its environment, such patterns may include raw material and import energy, other changes include operational and transformational procedures by which it converts inputs into outputs such as services and goods, change in practices and policies of human resource management of organization and other structural changes (Ledford, et al. 1991).

The second important component of the prior mentioned definition is Performance of Organization. Performance can be measured upon the effectiveness of the system as measured in number of aspects. Performance is becoming a global competitor from being a regional competitor. Performance is considering global market share is more important than short term yield. Employment involvement in business and job can be considered as more important than paternalism and loyalty (Ledford, et al. 1991).

The domestic airline industry is marked by unmanageable growth and relatively unattractive. Being the oligopolistic nature of the aviation industry, the competitors need to make extra ordinary efforts in entering one of the most saturated as well as the mature markets facing with the consistent external factors and the pressures from the suppliers. This mainly results in the increasing rivalry among the industry participants and the intensive tactics from them in order to attract the price sensitive customers. Qantas couldn’t escape from these external forces. They gave the incentive to change to Qantas and therefore, it expenses’ operating inefficiencies expanded to match its rivals.

As far as Qantas, an airline company is concerned performance can also be measured in improved on time arrivals and departures. According to Qantas News (2007), on time

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