Create A 3 Page Essay Paper That Discusses Project Charter Wbs Scope Changes Fir

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Project charter,WBS,Scope changes.

Firstly, in order to cut down on expenses, renewable energy will not require reinvesting in after the initial installation or investment. In this case, the project does not consider making of renewable sources of energy, but rather providing identified industries with consultancy and recommendation on the type and amount to invest in in order to cut down on energy costs while at the same time promoting an environment free from industrial contaminants such as CO2.

The opportunity lying under this project is that industries such as manufacturing, mining, and agriculture can use various alternative energy sources for both large and small scale production. However, while providing the environment analysis of the identified industries, the consultation service will be backed by industry analysis and the role played by specific industries in promoting global warming and other energy-associated environment challenges.

With a business environment that promotes corporate social responsibility, this project will provide solutions to contemporary problems that nurture environment activists hindering the productivity of some industries. To reduce customer resistance to modern products produced unethically based on their effect on the environment, this project will provide the corporate environment with a bargaining advantage on consumer products manufactured or processed using safer energy alternatives (e.g Wave Oscillation).

The approximate budget for the project initiation to completion is $10,000 covering equipment of use (computer system and statistical software), transport in the conduction of onsite analysis, proposal drafting and communication to identified industries.

The approximate period is 5 weeks. Each week considered one industry and the time is used applied in primary research of the industry’s effect on social order while identifying two companies within. The

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