Create A 3 Page Essay Paper That Discusses Questions In History Very Short Perio

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Questions in History.

very short period of time because by the end of like four months there was already the use of gas in vans as a form of automatic death with the aid of a senior commander named Herbert Lange (Fulbrook, 2001).

In this article, the impacts of the ‘final solution’ have also been discussed i.e. impacts in the academic sector and the cultural effects of the same. The whole issue of brutally murdering the Jews and enclosing them in death camps is unimaginable and disturbed people’s minds such that even psychologists could not understand what could have been happening in the camps. Therefore, this left a great impact on the society because people lived in great fear of what would come next. In the academic sector, there have been many historical publications on dictatorship and such leaders and also on what happened during the killings of the European Jews. Many academic writers have also shown interest in how the Nazi concentration camps rose and also the Second World War. therefore these issues are still being taught in many learning institutions (Fulbrook, 2001).

This happened between the years 1980 to 1990 and it tried to cover up the bad impression brought about by Nazism by trying to explain in a humane way. According to the holocaust, the Nazi concentration and death camps still existed just for a simple reason that the present people may remember what was happening in the past and not that they were sites for murder. However, the holocaust has faced much opposition from many historical analysts because they claim that it is difficult to understand such serious issues without the actual survivors. Furthermore, there is no common language that the survivors, if there were any, would use to pass the message whether in written or spoken form. Holocaust research is centred on information acquired from the actual victims of the final solution through video-taped testimonies and written literature (Fulbrook, 2001).

The ‘final solution’ was accomplished by

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