Create A 3 Page Essay Paper That Discusses Radiation Risks And Paediatric Comput

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Radiation Risks and Paediatric Computed Tomography (CT): a cross-sectional study of medical practice and awareness of radiation related health risks and strategies to minimise radiation exposure to children among physicians.

Our objective is to find out whether doctors are aware of this problem or not. If yes, how much they are implementing. If not, how can we increase awareness about its risks.

Next, we will design a questionnaire for the general public to get information regarding how aware they are of the hazards of the Radiations’ exposure risks and Computed Tomography’s effects on human health.

We will also make a questionnaire for physicians to see how aware they are and what is their perspective on this issue and how they think this risk can be minimized for children at least and to see what strategies they use currently to minimize the risk of radiations to children.

Moreover, we will conduct a focus group including physicians and technicians who know about the risks of radiations and computed tomography and who can help in formulation of strategies for reduction of risks of radiation exposure among children.

First, the secondary data will be referred to and then we will refer to the questionnaires and focus group that we will conduct. We will use some or all of the following statistical tools to analyze the data at hand.

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