Create A 3 Page Essay Paper That Discusses Research Assignment The Participants

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Research assignment.

The participants were randomly assigned to either the experimental group receiving BGL or the control group receiving DRL. In addition to the study participants with Alzheimer’s disease, a cohort group of participants consisting of family and caregivers of the light recipients were also controlled in the study.

A two-group experimental design with repeated measures on one of the factors was used. The study qualitatively examined the effects on global function on people receiving blue-green light (BGL) and dim red light exposure (DRL) as perceived by participant caregivers.

Interviews were conducted on the selected population. The interviews utilized open-ended questions since the exact response of the participants’ global function was unknown, and it is possible to miss facets of perceived change in global function. Demographic data was however not collected on the caregivers as they were not considered to be the focus of the research (Nowak and Davis, 2011).

The study took the form of four stages. Stage one included selecting and screening and support and educated assent from restorative sheets in the territory, family, and guardians eager to take part in the study. The second stage included gathering of benchmark information on the slumber and daytime languor for all chose members. The third stage included randomizing members to either the BGL or RDL treatment where light was controlled for 14 back to back days in 30 moment morning sessions. Stage four included gathering of post-test information from the first day after fruition of the light treatment for five sequential days. Wrist actigraphs were utilized to gauge rest attributes and daytime drowsiness all through all stages (Nowak & Davis, 2011).

In the analysis of the sleep data the authors used frequency and percentage distributions, means, and standard

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