Create A 5 Page Essay Paper That Discusses Market Segmentation And Product Posit

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Market Segmentation and Product Positioning.

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By the year 2006, the company has become amongst the most popular beer company in the African region (Smit, 2009). This was as a result of aggressive marketing of the beer by the company. This implied that advertising was exceedingly an essential factor for the success of the product. In fact, by the end of 2008, the beer was sold across the whole continent. Up to around 2010, most of the big cities and small town dwellers loved the beer at the bars and lodges. Frequently, joined by competitive alcoholic drinks, the beer has decreased in popularity. Currently, the company’s products are consumed at one billion beers rate per each single day. The company headquarter is located in Lusaka, in Zambia. It is a large firm and has many facilities and structures in different regions across the world. In addition, our company operates in seven nations, specifically in the northwest. The BERVET Company owns three manufacturing facilities with more than twenty five sales locations. The firm is the largest beer company in the northwest region of Africa. The company offers a wide range of beer brands and services that makes it attractive to its customers. Some of the known brands include kegi, chura, and kiboko among many others. The company has several foundations and programs to assist in various services. For instance, the company has partnered with an LGC company which is an NGO to offer health services. We also support various corporate initiatives that empower girls and women around the region through economic support. We are also focused on providing services on sanitation and water to people who cannot access them. Vision The company is committed to continual renewal so that individuals, organizational structure, facilities, products, systems and our partnership remain dynamic. Mission statement BERVET produces high quality. alcoholic products with a vision of becoming the leading company in Africa by 2015. We are focusing on maintaining our customers as an asset in expansion mission of the company. We are, therefore, committed to winning our customers loyalty to BERVET products forever. Market target BERVET targets the European market. The market segment for our company includes retailers, wholesalers, the private sector, the government and the individual customers. The company target customers by having specific lines in Europe. We expect our sales to be exceedingly high bearing in mind the variety and quality of our beer that we offer. This is because BERVET plans on reducing prices and opening more outlets for the drink in the region. We are targeting the big restraunts, bars, and lodges. However, there are some essential economic factors that will affect our products that include taxes, economic trends, and the rising energy prices. The legal factors include legislation and regulations on the operations of the business and government initiatives. Also, control from the government might affect the operations of the business. Environmental factors might also affect the market, but some are uncontrollable like natural disasters and calamities such as fire, earthquakes, and floods. Having identified the market and the factors that might affect these will help in proper planning for strategies like price, promotion and distribution.

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