Create A 5 Page Essay Paper That Discusses Media Review One Of The Significant S

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Media Review.

One of the significant symptoms of schizophrenia that Nash experienced was lack of emotions. In most occasions, Nash expressed no sign of emotions in almost the entire film, and the noticeable scene is when he is holding his infant son who is crying, he shows no emotions at all, not even an attempt to calm his howling son. Mr. Nash also experienced instances of both voice and visual hallucinations. He had visual hallucinations of Marcee, Charle and Parcher and Dr. Rosen tells Alicia, his wife, that they are all part of his imagination. The situation gets worse when Nash knocks Alicia who was carrying the baby accidental on the ground, as he imagines to be protecting Alicia from Parcher who wants to kill her. As the movie proceeds towards the end, Alicia and Nash leave the auditorium, Nash sees Charlie, Marcee and Parcher, watching him from the opposite side of the road. Furthermore, Nash is able to crack codes and formulate mathematical formulas because of the hallucinations he experiences. According to him, the codes seem real when they appear on paper when in real sense it is all imaginary. He formulates mathematical formulas and he is able to modify theories acceptable and applied in his line of study (Howard, 2001).

Mr. Nash preferred to stay a lone and he would work most of the time by himself, he did not like socializing either with his classmates or with friends. He carried scientific experiments together with most of his work by himself from his room. Due to schizophrenia, Nash developed unhealthy practices. he would carry his experiments and work for long hours and days without food. According to the film, that Mr. Nash neither liked staying in hospital nor any sort treatment and medication from his doctors. He refused to take antipsychotic medication given to him by his doctors and viewed the hospital environment and medication as barriers to his science work. Instead of worrying about his condition, Nash concentrated

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