create a curriculum road map

Create a Curriculum Road Map for your training problem-(Active Shooter Situation). Apply your training topic to the questions below:

  1. A brief statement of the course purpose, including why the course is important.
  2. Prerequisite skills needed for the course (if any, this might include things they need to know/do before training. Not every one will need this section, if nothing is needed, put a note under the subhead as not needed or none).
  3. Learning objectives or competencies covered by the course and a supporting or enabling objective (i.e., an objective that has to be reached in order for the learning objective to be accomplished).
  4. The format of the content and course expectations. Expectations might relate to the type of content to be covered, how the content will be presented, and the structure of the content.
  5. Delivery method for the content (e.g., online, classroom, blended learning).
    1. How is your chosen delivery method and design appropriate for instructional delivery and why?
  6. Review the Evaluation Design types and the Factors that Influence the type of Evaluation design and provide which one you plan to use and why you chose it for your training topic.


Paper should be in basic APA format with cover page, level headings for each section, double spaced, Time new Roman font, reference page.

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