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To help you develop a coherent understanding of the course contents, you will create a knowledge base that describes your understanding of the Behavioral Learning Theory. Your portfolio should contain three pieces: content presentation, example learning situation, and reflection. All three components should be submitted as a single packet (Power Point). A grading rubric is attached below. The instructor will use the criteria in the rubric to evaluate your portfolio.

  • The content presentation for each theory component should include (at a minimum):
    • description of the learning theories, including a description of what learning is according to the theory
    • brief history of the major learning theorists and their contributions to the theories,
    • critical components/ principles/ terminology of the theories, and
    • a list of principles/models/theories drawn from the theory that inform instruction i.e., explain how the instructional theory is based on the principles of the learning theory.

The content presentation (PowerPoint) for each theory component should be NO LONGER than 15 slides [or equivalent in a web page format], be visually appealing, and technically correct in content and grammar/punctuation.

  • The learning situation (SAME situation used for all 3 theories) should include:
    • brief description of a learning activity, including recommended instructional approach (1-3 slides or 1 page). For example, describe how a child learns to use a toothbrush. It is strongly suggested that you seek professor approval for your learning situation. This part will remain the same in all three parts of your portfolio.
    • brief description of how the learning situation is described by the behavioral learning theory (1-3 slides or 1 page). For example, explain how a child learns to use a toothbrush from the Behavioral Learning Theory’s You would explain the learning situation using terminologies, such as stimulus, response, rewards, reinforcement, punishment, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, etc.
  • The reflection for each theory component should be:
    • a written narrative about your thoughts on the theory responding at a minimum to the following questions: (1–3 slides or 1-2 pages)
    • How does this learning theory inform the design of instruction?
    • What questions do you still have about the theory?
    • How were the activities in the modules reflective of the learning theory, or not?
    • How have your ideas about learning and instruction changed, or not, and why?

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