create a supertype of product and have three subtypes for product these subtypes should be sheet music instruments for sale supplies and recorded music should be plagarism free

1. Redo the Music store ERD from the previous lab assignment. This time, create a supertype of product and have three subtypes for product. These subtypes should be sheet music, instruments for sale, supplies, and recorded music. Determine what fields these items all share in the supertype and then provide at least three attributes for each subtype that are particular to that type of product. 2. Create a supertype and a subtype for employees in a movie production. Create a supertype PERSON and then define at least 4 subtypes that might exist in a movie. Include at least two attributes that would be specific to that subtype. You might want to look at if you need more info about the types of people that work on a movie and some of the specific types of information that might be stored about these job types. Complete an ERD for this supertype/subtype structure. 3. Look at three databases on the internet. Some examples,,,,,….any online database, I don’t care. Ok, I care a little….keep it PG13, please and you can’t use IMDB because I’m going to use that for examples. Spend a few minutes getting familiar with what you can search for, what data a search returns, etc. a. For each database, list three entities that you think exist in the database. For example, if I do, I would imagine that there is an actor table, a title table, a director table, etc b. For each table, identify two possible primary keys. Some of these are likely to be composite keys to increase like

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