Create An 8 To 12 Slide Visual Presentation With Speakers Notes For Each Slide

Create  an 8- to 12-slide visual presentation with speakers’ notes for each slide in which you identify the new product that your company will consider.

New Product will be: Handbag Charger 

Company : Apple

Address each of the following, and ensure that you explain your rationale for each item:

  • Orientate the Executive Committee by giving a short background on the mission, vision, goals, and objectives of the company and how they relate to the new product.
  • Determine the supply chain for your new product in a visual format.
  • Address whether you will or will not use global suppliers for your new product.
  • Address whether you will or will not outsource any of the new product’s supply chain.
  • Determine the Process Focus for your new product.
  • Discuss what quality tools and techniques you will use to improve process, production, productivity, customer experience etc. Why will these apply?

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Use at least 2 academic references.

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