Create An Application That Would Have Two Classes First Class Represents Virgini

Create an application that would:

Have two classes

First class:

Represents Virginia points of interest

Include the following characteristics: name of the place, location (address), short description of things to do (hiking, swimming, climbing, walking, etc.), and rating (1 through 5), food recommendation

Write 2 constructors

Write setters and getters for each field

Override the ToString() method to show all messages

Second class:

Tests your Virginia points of interest class

Displays instructions to your user (a short description of your application)

Asks your user to input the information and writes it in the corresponding fields of each object

Test your class with at least three different venues trying out different constructors, properties, and instance methods

Display the data from all three objects as provided in class

Make sure to use modular solution (with multiple methods)

You need to submit:

document with analysis and design

.cs files

screenshot with the solution

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