criminal victimization 4

***The minimum word count for the entire is 1200 words and you must include three scholarly sources! Scholarly sources do not count toward word count! You must use correct APA formatting to cite your sources. Be sure to read the entire assignment and address each issue/question posed. (References doesn’t count towards word count)***

Case Summary

1. Use the internet to research your state’s proposed or recently passed laws that have been named in honor of crime victims. In narrative format, detail the legislation, the victim’s story and whether this legislation offers anything specific – other that stepped-up punishment to ease the victim’s plight. If you have difficulty within your state, you may use a surrounding state to research.

2. Has much legislation been passed in honor of crime victims over the last 10 years in your state? What seems to be the nature of the victim’s situation?

3. Do you see a trend in your state that laws in honor of victims are increasing or decreasing? Why do you think this is the case?

4. Imagine you are a victimologist. Choose a group from the list on Box 2.2 on pages 52-53 of your text and pose several questions the researchers should examine.

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