crisis management and communication 3

Now is a good time for us to discuss crisis management and communication skills. You may need these skills in the future.

Using the Corona virus pandemic as a backdrop for this Discussion question, answer the following prompts…just remember that one of the prompts requires you to respond to another student’s post.

1. How have you been observing crisis communication channels being implemented at federal, state and local levels?

Thinking about your employers and other community organizations, how are these organizations communicating at local levels?

Share what are you seeing out there right now. For example, I just saw my first TV commercial with corona virus protection messaging by the CDC. Very simple, but effective words and graphics. Another example would be me comparing the communications between the two universities I work for… there has been quite a difference.

After exploring examples of how we are communicating about the Corona virus pandemic, describe in your opinion, what is working, what is not?

2. How has your current communication changed? Describe the changes in both professional and personal communication.

3. Additionally, for this discussion question, find a credible crisis management or communication resource. Look for guides, best practices, lessons learned, and experts. (Yes, you can become an expert in crisis communication, if you would like to!) Share with us. Can be from written, video, audio sources. Other students may pick the same resource as you, so it will be interesting to compare your reviews and applications.

Review at a high level- what are the main points- and provide the resource ( attach file or create link so we can all benefit.)

4. Review other students posts. Reply to at least one of them. How could you, as a high-level leader and RD- utilize one of these resources during this crisis to improve your professional and personal communication?

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