critical media analysis 2

What is a Critical Media Analysis Paper?

In 1500-2000 words, compare and contrast how your topic was covered/depicted in each news story and answer

the following:

Research Question: Using your topic as a case study or example, what argument

can you make about global media coverage/depictions of universal human rights

and the significance of this coverage/depiction?

Analyze News resources

To analyze news coverage of your topic, ask yourself the following questions as you read, compare and contrast

selected news articles:

• What do you know about the newspaper/site that published this story? What do you know about the

reporter/editor? Are these state, corporate or validated independent media sources/stories? What’s make

them more or less credible than others?

• What is the tone and vocabulary of the article? What adjectives or verbs are used to describe the event?

• What sources does the article’s author rely on? Who is quoted?

• What is the position/location and length of the article? How is it presented on the page/site?

• If an image is used, what is its content and impact?

• How does the narrative change or stay the same with each new source?

• How might the above questions reveal biases in the news story?

• What overall impression does this article convey about the given topic?

• What difference does it make if one news source is describing an event in a different way than another?

• What issues should a reader keep in mind when reading the news stories you selected?

• Why is it important to read several news sources before drawing conclusions?

• Compare and contrast sources from one region to those from another. In what ways are they different or

similar in terms of their coverage? What information is included? Excluded? What is significant about


Ground your analysis in scholarship.

Before making your main argument, read at least two (2) scholarly sources related to your topic. You may use

these in any way you feel will strengthen your argument and your paper: for current or historical background,

evidence, counter-arguments/approaches, and/or to help you evaluate the credibility of any of your sources.

Referencing and integrating scholarly sources will strengthen your analysis, thesis, and final conclusions about

the significance of your argument.

Make a credible, convincing and research-based argument.

Make an argument about the depiction of your topic (universal human right + current event/issue/movement

/idea related to this right). Include a strong and clear thesis statement and present your argument with

supporting arguments, evidence, and/or rebutted counter-arguments.

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