Critically Analyse The Approach Of The Irish High Court To The Setting Aside Of Arbi 2904081

Critically analyse the approach of the Irish High Court to the setting aside of arbitral awards in Ryan v Ken O’Leary (Clonmel) Limited [2018] IEHC 660.

You are expected to discuss the case with reference to arbitration globally; you are not expected to confine your answer to Irish law.

Learning outcomes to be achieved:

1. Apply advanced theoretical knowledge and in-depth critical thinking to suggest credible and creative solutions to current legal issues within the field of International Commercial Arbitration.

2. Demonstrate a critical awareness of current legal problems and new insights pertaining to Commercial Arbitration internationally.

3. Critically analyse and evaluate in-depth International Arbitration Law.

4. Develop advanced reasoned arguments, challenging assumptions and reaching sound informed judgments.

5. Visualise creative solutions to current and complex issues in Commercial Arbitration

6. Demonstrate autonomy, responsibility and team-working skills through co-operation on case studies.

7. Exercise sophisticated skill and judgment in evaluating complex legal problems in International Commercial Arbitration.


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