Critically Analyse The Ethical Implications Of Legal Decisions And How They Impact O 3588505

Purpose of theassessment (with ULOMapping)
The purpose of the Group Assignment is to provide students with an opportunity towork in a collaborative environment in solving two case problems by citing the relevantlegal rules and cases and applying these to the facts of the case.In this Group Assignments, students are required to:- Critically analyse the ethical implications of legal decisions and how they impact onthe business environment. (ULO 2)- Assess the obligations, rights and remedies available to parties in particularcommercial relationships. (ULO 3)- Critically examine the foundations of Australian company law. (ULO 4)- Critically discuss and apply contract and tort law in business circumstances. (ULO 5)- Critically discuss and apply the legal framework that regulates a company’s dealingswith outsiders. (ULO 7)



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