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The basic fundamentals of the intelligence cycle is the process of planning, directing needs and requirements, collecting, processing, analyzing, and dissemination. In general the intelligence cycle is a concept that describes the intelligence process in a civilian and a military agency or even in law enforcement. Step dissemination and consumption come together, because in this stage the finished information will go into the hands of a trusted policy maker and the policy maker will make a decision based on that information. That is why it is so critical in the intelligence cycle. Furthermore, feedback for the decision is taken in to be further analyzed. If the decision that was made didn’t fulfill the objective then the entire cycle has to repeat itself until the decision meets the objective. With that being said that’s why feedback is so important to the intelligence cycle (Pennsylvania State University, 2014).

I believe that the activities of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence is organized with a structure that satisfies the mission of the organization, along with their goals. Additionally, I believe the authority is delegated properly where it has to be, along with the responsibility and it helps ensure efficiency. This is fairly new compared to some other government jobs due to it being created after the attacks on September, 11 2001. However, by overseeing the intelligence community from the Air Force all the way to the DEA this position definitely was a much needed job. This director works with the President, Chiefs of Staffs from each military branch, and Congress to facilitate proper intelligence between them all, and also to provide them with the proper intelligence needed to keep the United States safe. Additionally, the Director has the power to delegate many tasks, and seek help from the various agencies that provide intelligence to him or her (Wallechinsky, 2016).


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