critique each artical like we did in the old assigemnt

  1. Literature Review. Objective: To prepare a review of the literature pertinent to a selected problem for healthcare research and to use that review to propose a methodology to address the problem.
    1. This assignment will be done individually
    2. Select a problem/topic
    3. Conduct a search of literature relevant to the problem/topic. Identify a minimum of 7 references, most of which are randomized clinical trials. Only one opinion articles may be included.
    4. Prepare a preliminary list of these references in an approved format.
    5. Read the articles with the focus of preparing a document that will compare and contrast the information in the articles you found. Copies of the articles used must be submitted with the final paper.
    6. The reader of your literature review should be able to clearly identify the gaps in the knowledge in the problem area as well as the purpose of the study you are proposing. The number of pages in this assignment vary according to the problem length and complexity of the articles reviewed and critiqued. You should be able to write enough to create an effective argument but not so much that the result looks padded. Due March 23.
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