cultural situations 1


  1. Open the document: cultural situations.
  2. Read the cultural situations presented below. Choose any three situations from the thirteen presented for further analysis.
    1. Analyze the situation based on the information learned in class and the values of the countries listed below. For each situation you are to:
      a. Write the name of the situation (i.e., Opening a Franchise in Colombia, Where Did We go Wrong? etc.)
      b. On the next line, write the countries involved and the names of the parties involved for each country. For example: USA- Steve Marshall, Colombia – Potential Colombian Partners.
      c. For each country identify the value or values that are being demonstrated in the situation. Following the example above, you have to describe which American value or values Steve Marshall is reflecting about the American culture. Do the same for the Colombian team. To find the values you have to read the information presented below about the countries involved, in this example you have to read the section about USA and Colombia.
      d. Wear the colored glasses of the opposite party and describe how the actions of that party could be perceived negatively from the perspective of the other party. For example, how the actions of Mr. Marshall could be interpreted negatively by the Colombian and vice versa, based on the values described in the step above.
      e. In an effort to resolve the issue at hand, what could each party do to accommodate the other side? What could be done differently next time? What are some practical tips each party should implement if a situation like this were to happen again? What can each party learn from each other?

      APA Format
      Plagiarism checked
      Point out the question and the answer of it

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