current situation draft

The current situation section of a proposal frames the problem/issue/opportunity, explaining what has caused a need to make a change or shift direction. In short, the current situation section establishes your argument and sets up the project plan, which details the solution. We’ll focus on the project plan in a different assignment during Module 10. For now, your Current Situation draft should follow pattern discussed in our course textbook. The textbook partitions the Current Situation Section into three parts: Opening, Body, and Closing.

A Current Situation section should accomplish the following four objectives:

1. Identify and define the issue/problem/opportunity.

2. Discuss the causes of the issue/problem/opportunity and how these causes led to the issue/problem/opportunity. What is the background of the problem/issue/opportunity?

3. What are the sources of information that support framing of the current situation?

4. Discuss the effects or impact of not doing anything about the issue/problem/opportunity

The Opening establishes the subject, purpose and main point by introducing the issue/problem/opportunity.

The Body takes either a causal, effects, or narrative approach. You choose which approach fits the overall context of your situation.

The Closing summarizes the main points of the section and transitions to the next section.

You’ll want to, of course, weave your responses to the above moves in a fluid, coherent manner. In other words, the current situation should not simply answer the questions in a static manner. Consider strategies from Chapters 4, for example. Keeping the primary reader-users (the action takers) in mind is key. In what ways can you frame the current situation, following the above moves, to address the primary reader-users’ needs, values, and attitudes?

The Current Situation draft should be 500-600 words

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